? Vehicle Registration Renewal


Most vehicles are eligible for online renewal one month before their registration expiration date and up to 30 days after the grace period. The grace period typically ends 30 days after the registration expiration date. If you received a renewal notice, see the "RENEW BY" date printed at the top of the notice.

You must renew at your County Treasurer's Office if:

  • your name or address changed, you moved to a different county, or you no longer live in Montana
  • you need to change or correct your vehicle information - for example, if you have changed the color of your vehicle or discover an error in the vehicle information on your title or registration
  • you need to change the length of time for which you register your vehicle (See the Vehicle Title and Registration page for further information on renewal period options for various vehicle types.)
  • you need to adjust the gross vehicle weight (GVW) your vehicle carries
  • you want to get a different license plate
  • you need to renew a specialty license plate that requires annual recertification - for example, the Richland County Ambulance Service plate, and some military plates including National Guard and Reserve plates

Required Vehicle Criteria

You will be asked to supply one of the following about the vehicle registration you want to renew:

  • Title Number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Vehicle Number
If a vehicle record within the system matches the entered search criteria, a complete description of the vehicle will display.

If the service does not find a match for the information you entered, carefully check the search criteria entered and correct any errors. If you believe the information you entered is correct but the service cannot find a match, you may delete the information in that field and try entering an alternate piece of information to identify the vehicle. If the service still does not find a match, you will need to go to your County Treasurer's Office to renew your vehicle registration.

When Additional Documents are Required

Specific situations require renewal customers to provide supporting documents when completing their renewal process online or in person.

The following situations require supporting documents. When renewing online, you may submit those documents electronically.

  • You qualify for an exemption.
  • You are renewing registration for a commercial vehicle with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 or more (e.g., trucks, truck tractors, and buses) used on public highways.
  • You display a license plate type that requires recertification.
  • You are a non-resident working in Montana.
  • You are renewing registration of special mobile equipment.

For more information on acceptable documentation, visit dojmt.gov/required-documents.

Renewing Additional Vehicles

The Vehicle Registration Renewal Service allows you to renew the registrations of multiple vehicles at one time. Use the "Add Another Vehicle" option and, when you are finished, go to the payment page. Only 15 vehicles can be renewed at once.

License Plate Replacement Program

State law requires that license plates be replaced every five years. This requirement applies to all plate designs.

New plates (same exact design) will be mailed with your registration tab. This includes personalized and amateur radio plates. If the license plate design was updated, the updated version will be sent.

If you want a different plate design or you want to keep the number that is on your current plate, you must renew at your County Treasurer's Office.

Insurance Verification

Montana Code Annotated 61-6-157 directs the Montana Department of Justice to establish a motor vehicle insurance verification system capable of confirming that vehicle owners and operators on Montana roadways are in compliance with vehicle liability policy requirements. If the system did not confirm your evidence of insurance, please contact the MTIVS Help Desk at support@mtivs.com or 1-855-467-8768.

Paying for Your Renewal

You must submit your credit or debit card information to pay for your registration renewal. Online transaction fees apply. After you have paid, you will see a receipt page. Please print it for your records.

Your County Treasurer's Office will mail your registration and renewal tabs to you.

Reprinting Your Receipt

You can reprint a receipt for a vehicle registration that has been renewed through the online VRR service for up to 18 months after you have completed the transaction.

For Further Assistance

For more information about using the Vehicle Registration Renewal Service, contact the mt.gov Help Desk by sending a message from our contact page or by calling 1-406-449-EGOV (1-406-449-3468).

If you have questions regarding your registration renewal, please contact your County Treasurer's Office.

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