The Montana Department of Justice's Temporary Registration Permit service allows you to create and print a Temporary Registration Permit (TRP) for a newly purchased vehicle. The service is fast and easy to use.

Documents relating to vehicle titling and registration are available on the title and registration forms page.

For more information, view the TRP user manual for Dealerships or Authorized Agents/MVD Employees.

Requirements for Using the TRP Service

You must be a registered user of mt.gov and be approved by the Department of Justice to use this service. When you become a registered user, you will be assigned a username and password for each person at your facility that needs access to the TRP service.

To Start the TRP Service

Enter your username and password and select 'Log in' to begin the service.

To Create the TRP

  1. At the Main Menu, select 'Create' to begin.
  2. On the Title & Purchaser Search page, you must enter either the VIN for the vehicle and at least one Purchaser name, in order to issue a TRP on a vehicle. Providing the purchaser's Montana Driver's License Number will help pre-fill required address data on the next page. The purchaser's date of birth is used to help determine that the correct driver license information is found for the given purchaser
  3. You will go through a series of pages entering the required vehicle and purchaser information.
  4. On the Print page, you have already created a TRP. Click on the button provided to open and print the TRP. The TRP will be generated as an Adobe© PDF document. If you don't have Adobe on your system and need to download it, click on the button below.
    Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

To View TRP History, Void TRP, Reprint TRP or Reissue TRP

  1. If you have not started the TRP service you must perform that process first.
  2. From the Main Menu, you may view TRP activity by selecting 'View Activity', search for a specific TRP or vehicle by selecting 'View Specific', or view your customer account by selecting 'View' under Registered User Account.

    Choosing 'View Activity' allows you to display a range of TRP activity. You can view the TRP activity by search criteria such as current day, last two days, last seven days, last 30 days, all history or a date range that you specify.

    Choosing 'View Specific' allows you to search for a specific TRP or vehicle by VIN, TRP Number, Vehicle Title or Purchaser

    Choosing 'View' under Registered User Account allows you to change your password and view your billing information. You will need to reenter your username and password.

  3. The Temporary Registration Permit Activity Display page provides a table that lists the TRPs you chose to view, based on your search criteria. This table contains the following information:
    • Date & Time of Issuance
    • TRP Number
    • User Name – the User Name of the person who processed that TRP
    • VIN Number
    • Purchaser 1
    • Status
    • Void Reason
    • Print TRP – a button appears in this column if the TRP can be reprinted
    • Void/Reissue TRP – a button appears in this column if the TRP can be voided or reissued

Vehicle Search

Searching for a vehicle by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is available through the Vehicle Search Service. See the Vehicle Search Service Instructions for information on how to use that service.

Normal Hours of Operation Support

Normal Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM, between Monday and Friday. Support may not be available during Montana State Government Holidays.

For more information about using the Temporary Registration Permit service, contact the mt.gov Help Desk by sending a message from our contact page or by calling 1.406.449.EGOV (1.406.449.3468).

After Hours Support

If a situation occurs outside state business hours, the dealership can contact the Vehicle Services Bureau the next business day for assistance. Please take advantage of the Vehicle Search Service menu option on the TRP service to determine if there is a pending title transaction. If a vehicle has an outstanding title transaction a TRP cannot be issued for another vehicle sale.

Contact can be made via email dojmvdtrbrmt@mt.gov.