For Registered Users

Currently, there are no registered-user fees for signing up to use the Temporary Registration Permit (TRP) Service. Nor are there any fees associated with using the Vehicle Search Service through the TRP Service.

Each participating organization is required to purchase the plastic sleeves that will house the TRP on the back of the vehicle. The plastic sleeves can be purchased from:

Montana Automobile Dealers Association
Heather Domme
Phone: (406) 442-1233
Fax: (406) 449-0119

Montana Independent Automobile Dealers Association
Jim Robinson
Phone: (406) 874-2207
Fax: (406) 874-2253

For Vehicle Purchasers

All purchasers must pay the Temporary Registration Permit fee and the 3% MVD Admin fee. No exceptions.

  • If a permit is issued to a Montana resident, no fee is collected through the TRP Service. Instead, when people go to the county office to register and title their vehicle, they are assessed a $19.50 fee for the permit as well as any other associated registration and title fees.
  • If a permit is issued to an out-of-state resident, a $24.50 fee is collected through the TRP Service when the TRP is issued.